Direct Mail Manager Inc provides a full range of direct mail services including:
  • Printing directly on mail piece
  • Affixing labels or stickers
  • NCOAlink (address changes registered with the Post Office)
  • CASS (standardizing address, appending zip-plus4 and
    barcode information)
  • Duplicate removal
  • Sorting according to Post Office regulations
  • Delivery to Newport Post Office
  • Folding, Collating, Inserting, Sealing
  • Variable data letter printing and match mail services
  • Postal Permit and Precanceled stamp application
Thank you for your interest in Direct Mail Manager.
All you need to do is send us your mailing list or criteria for mailing list. Have your printed piece delivered to us and we'll do the rest of your mailing for you

We will process your list through a computer program that compares your list to the National Database of Post Office Registered Moves. We then standardize the addresses, add barcode information to receive discounts on your postage, remove duplicates according to your specifications, address the mail piece, package the mailing according to postal regulations and deliver to the Newport Post Office. Direct Mail Manager does all this for 7 cents per piece plus postage.

Postage for presort Standard mail runs between 33 and 39 cents per letter size piece weighing under 3 ounces. First Class postage for a true post card (6x9 inch in size) is between 36 and 40 cents per card. Postage for First-class presort is between 50 and 58 cents per letter weighing less than 2 ounce.

If you would like to have Direct Mail Manager insert, tab, or fold, we would be glad to for a charge of 1.5 cent per action per piece. If you prefer to bring the envelopes to us already stuffed and sealed that works just fine for us.

Other valuable information...

  • An area of 2 inches high and 4 inches wide is needed for the address. It may be placed anywhere on the address side
  • We strongly recommend that you send Direct Mail Manager a layout of the address side of the mail piece before having the piece printed so that we may offer suggestions for quicker delivery and lower postage pricing
  • Usage of our permit is free. Please have your printer print it in the upper right hand corner

For more information call (401) 847-6245 or email .

Direct Mail Manager Inc.
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Hours: 8am-4pm weekdays